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Enrichment Programs


Enrichment programs provide great experiences for students including academic competitions and Saturday enrichment programs.

Winter Enrichment Series
Saturdays-February 21, February 28 and March 7, 2015
8:00 AM-11:00 AM, Schmucker Middle School
Eligibility Requirements For Saturday Enrichment (Grades 3-8)
Grade 3-Students who scored in the 90th percentile or higher in math or reading on the 2012-13 NWEA tests.
Grades 4-6-Students who received a Pass Plus (+) on the Spring 2013 English or Math ISTEP are  invited to attend.
Middle School Students and Invitations to Saturday Enrichment
Due to low middle school enrollment, we will be sending out fall enrichment invitations only to all qualifying sixth graders and seventh and eight graders that participated in the enrichment sessions during the past school year. These invited students have the following options:
  • If they would like to enroll in fall enrichment, they need to complete the enrollment form and turn it into their school office. They will continue to receive invitations and will be enrolled in one of the fall classes.
  • If they are not interested in fall enrichment but would like to continue to receive invitations, then they check the box at the top of the enrollment form and turn the form into their school office. If they are not interested in participating in enrichment sessions, they do not return anything, and they will not receive invitations to future enrichment sessions.

How we identify high ability students

Because young students change and grow, there are three times in the elementary experience that we identify students who have high ability: kindergarten, second grade and fifth grade. The following documents outline the process.

Kindergarten high ability identification process

Second grade high ability identification process

Fifth grade high ability identification process-Letters were sent to the parents of newly identified 5th grade students. Those should arrive in homes by April 27.

  • Anne-Marie Reininga is the high ability coordinator for K-5 students. She has an office at Prairie Vista Elementary School and you can reach her at 271-0055 (option 5).