Transportation Department

The safe transportation of students is a responsibility shared by the P-H-M administration, transportation staff, drivers, parents and students. We are committed to providing safe vehicles and qualified drivers along with school bus safety education to students and parents. 
Student transportation information including bus numbers and schedules may now be obtained by calling your school office directly.
Buses will operate on regular schedules and routes the first day of school, which is Wednesday, August 21. Prior to the start of school, families of students who were enrolled in a Penn-Harris-Madison school last year will receive a letter in the mail with information on the student’s bus route. Families with new students should call their child’s school for information on transportation. Students must be registered by Wednesday, August 14, in order to receive bus service during the first three days of school. After that it will take approximately three days for new students to be included on bus routes.
If you desire to request a change in your child’s assigned bus stop, please fill out a “Request for Bus Stop Review” form (the form is available on this page under More Information) and submit to transportation. Changes cannot be considered until September 23, 2013. Please review criteria and policies located on this form prior to submission.
Important Note: Transportation is provided to and from a maximum of two (2) locations: home and one other approved site with verified contact information on file. Parent/Guardian work locations are prohibited . All stops must be within the boundaries of the school the student attends. In the interest of keeping our students safe, we can no longer accommodate complex schedules involving multiple stops. 
For more information, please call us at 574-258-9565.
Interested in driving a school bus? We are looking for people to join our friendly transportation team as bus drivers. Call or stop by for more information: 3205 Home Street, Mishawaka or 258-9565.

Dale Dorsey, Director of Transportation

Brad Carriveau, Assistant Director of Transportation

Amy Aschenbrenner, Secretary/Payroll

Ann-Marie Brow, Driver Development Coordinator

Diane Healy, Receptionist

P.J. Powell, Dispatcher/Receptionist

Robin Tharp, Senior Dispatcher


Annual Transportation Department Update Presented to Board of School Trustees

Staff members from the Transportation Department attended the Monday, January 13, 2014 board meeting to hear a Transportation Department Update presented by Director of Transportation Dale Dorsey. Here is a copy of the Transportation Department Update.

P-H-M's new Assistant Director of Transportation, Brad Carriveau, was introduced to the Board. Below is a group photo taken at the board meeting, which also includes Superintendent Dr. Jerry Thacker, Associate Superintendent Dr. Denise Seger, and P-H-M's Board President for 2014, Chris Riley:

Front row, l to r: Dr. Jerry  Thacker, Dr. Denise Seger, Robin Tharp, Amy Aschenbrenner, and Chris
Riley. Back row, l to r: Dale Dorsey, Brad Carriveau, P.J. Powell, and Ann-Marie Brow.